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Are you interested in buying one of our domain names but don’t have the cash to complete the purchase? now offers a number of different financing options including owner financing with as little as 10% down! Please  Contact Us with the name that you are interested in and we will reply back with the terms available for that domain name.

Domain Name Ideas

The Real Estate Domain Names for sale at this website can be found in the three portfolios above or by typing a keyword into the search window in the upper right hand corner. Click on the website name that you like and follow the instructions to purchase.

Our names may also be leased for a period of 6 months. The lease rate will be 30% of the price and go towards your final purchase. Leasing a real estate domain name is a great way to test market your new brand!  Contact Us  with the name you wish to lease.

Real Estate Domain Name Ideas

With over 1.5 Billion (and counting) active websites on the internet, it’s very easy for your website to disappear. Your domain name plays a major role in the success of your website and ultimately your business. Not only will an investment in a great real estate domain name boost you in the all important Google search rankings helping potential and existing clients find you on the internet, it’s also the very first step to creating your brand.

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Following are 4 considerations for choosing a memorable real estate domain name:

  1. Do not use your own name as your primary domain name.

    Although may be the most obvious choice for a person to make, it should not be the primary way people find you on the net. does not identify your website to potential clients searching in your area.  In fact it says nothing at all about your business and will result in poor search engine rankings.  Another thing to consider when you use your name as your main website address is that you're creating a brand. What happens when you decide to sell your business and/or retire???  Is a sellable brand?  Most likely not to anyone else but to John Smith. It makes more sense to develop a memorable brand that will actually bring business to you and make you stand out from the crowd. Also, your brand will be a business that you can sell when its time for you to retire.

    The key here is to choose a website name that draws in new clients, is easy for them to remember and uses keywords for the search engines.  If you were a buyer searching for a home in Akron Ohio and driving down a street with real estate sign after real estate sign, would you remember a sign rider that said Johnsmith/ or would you tend to remember  Of course you would remember  Because #1, you’re looking for a home in Akron and #2 You have the opportunity to work with the area PRO!

    First establish your brand with a keyword rich memorable .com domain name and then point the .com version of your own name to your website (See Pointing and/or Forwarding a domain name on the FAQ page)

  2. If you do business in a particular city, use that city’s name in your website name.

    When you incorporate your city’s name it does a number of great things.  First, it tells potential clients shopping in that city (Lets use Oakland) that you are the Oakland Pro and that you specialize in this city!  Secondly, with a domain name related to the content of your website, it tells the search engines that Oakland is a very important keyword and to rank you high in Oakland searches.  Believe me, page 1 in Google brings in a lot more client traffic than page 33!  View all of the CityPro Names for sale at:

  3. .COM is King!  Use the .COM extension whenever you can.

    .COM domain names are the first and the most recognizable extension out there period.  The shortage of memorable .COM names has led to the creation of a plethora of other extensions.  The .COM extension is the first place people will look for a website that they remember.  Besides, do you really want to send potential clients to your competitions website?

  4. A Short/Simple Domain Name is best.

    A short, easy to remember and easy to spell domain name will make it simple for potential clients to remember your website address and also easy for them to pass along to their friends and family when “Do you know a good Realtor” comes into the conversation…  One exception to this is if you use the name of your city in your website name. may seem long but its very catchy, easy to remember and to pass along.

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